Welcome to Craf-a-Boo! I'm Amber
I really love crocheting, cooking, all things crafty. Hanging out with my family, spending time with the other half, and inspiring people's creativity! 

My husband and I met online on a chat website in March of 2004. 
He was the only one on that site that night that could carry on a conversation past "What do you look like". We started chatting online and on the phone on a regular basis, and became really good friends. We met for the first time in person in November of 2006. I flew to Nashville, TN to visit a cousin of mine that lived there {and meet him!} on a Monday. We were picking out wedding rings on Tuesday and he proposed on Friday night. I flew back to Utah, spent seven weeks apart planning the wedding and we haven't been separated for longer than a week ever since. I am crazy about him, he makes me laugh on days that I don't feel like laughing. I think I'll keep him around...

We currently live just outside of Nashville, TN with our little dog. In between life's crazyness, and craft projects, we try to go outdoors with the dog, and do boring things like laundry and catch up on our favorite shows. 

That's me in a rather large nutshell...but that's alright because I'm a little cracked and nuts, so it all goes together! I am so glad you decided to stop in here today and I really hope to see you as a stalker very soon! {Stalkers rock!}