Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The long, short, and pictures of it

Good morning Stalkers! I felt like popping in today and giving you a short update on the going's on around these parts. It's certainly been a while since I was here with you all, and I think you deserve to know why. So here's the long, the short, and a bunch of pictures! 

While we were living in Utah and working and living we learned that my Mother in law's health was rapidly deteriorating. She had two strokes between June 2014-November 2014. We were in Utah 1600 miles away. This was not a good thing. My hubby's side of the family while awesome and lovely, are not the most communicative sorta folks So we did a lot of praying, and a lot of soul searching. Finally we decided that we needed to be closer to his side of the family for his mom's health's sake. 

It was a painful decision because I have family in Utah, (Including these two stinker nephews)
(Hunter--Age 4mo. Sitting up for the first time!)

(Aiden--Age 2 Trying out his Cowboy attire that he got for Christmas)

  But what it ultimately boiled down to was our gut feeling, and God telling us in no uncertain terms that we belonged out here. 

So we packed up our apartment, sold most everything, stayed with my side of the family for a few days... (in the process we had an impromptu family photo shoot...)

And just think, two little boys call the one on the left Mom...lol

The whole fam-damily

(My not so little brother. He just turned 17! And all of his big sisters...)

...rented a Penske moving truck...and drove 1600 miles across country to Nashville from Utah. 
We ended up getting a 14ft truck instead of a 10ft. We barely had enough stuff to fit the 10ft truck, so it was quite amusing driving this monstrosity! 

We saw some sights...

We had our doggie ride in style. (She wasn't too thrilled with this setup, but hey it means we got to bring her!) 

We stopped in random parking lots to play fetch...

And we finally made it to Nashville! 

And we were able to see Mom! (she's out of the rehab center and back home now. Her health is getting better every day. We're so thankful we get to be here with her!)

Right now we're still in the process of getting back on our feet. Finding a home, getting a car , and getting back in a routine. We're so glad to be here, despite the heartaches of leaving precious family and friends behind. It's hard having family on each coast, but I am grateful for modern technology that makes staying in contact so much easier.

So that's the update on this end of the bloggosphere, Stalkers. Thanks for stopping in, reading, following, and inspiring me!

Right now I'm working hard on finishing up an awesome project, and will show that off for you! Can't wait!

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