Friday, March 14, 2014

Chevron Homestead Sign VOTES NEEDED!

Since moving into our new apartment, my brain has been spinning like a hamster running in a wheel. How can I decorate this place and give it my "stamp". It's an apartment so I can't do too much to it in ways of paint or wallpaper. But I can do something with it, but what...?So therein lies the issue. 

For the longest time I've wanted to make one of those signs that says "established...". Do you know what I mean? My grandparents had a wood sign posted outside their home for all the years I can remember. I am not a wood decor kind of girl...I am a quilty kind of girl! 

I spent a few hours fiddling around with my quilt program and came up with a couple of different options. My favorite colors are purple white and silver (or black depending on what it is). I have all hand-me-down furniture and so I don't really have one cohesive design in my home decor wise. So my jumping off point is just my favorite colors. I did re-do this dresser a few months back and it's become one of my most awesome pieces of furniture. So I figured maybe something like this might get the creative juices flowing. 

And flow they did! I came up with several plans for the new sign I'm going to make, but the problem is I can't chose which one I like the best! So I need your help dear readers. Take a look at these two established signs and tell me which one speaks to you more. It comes down to the lettering mostly. 

I'm leaning more towards this one, but I can't decide! 

This one speaks to me too, but I can't decide which one I like more. 

So help a girl out! Tell me which one you like the most! Or if you don't like either one, say that too. (Just nicely because I'm not the kind of girl who cries pretty...)

This is going to be the very first piece of decor that I make that will be the jumping off point for all decisions in the future, so I'm hoping I don't screw it up! I'm so excited to crack open my sewing machine and fabric stash you can't even imagine. It's been almost a year for this quilter and I'm going nuts! So as soon as I've decided which one of these I like most I'll be diving right in. 

Thanks for all the help everyone! Happy Friday! 

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