Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Springtime Updates

Well my friends, it feels like it's been forever since I sat down and updated this blog. We had a very long, very stressful month and a half but I think we're finally at a point where we can breathe a little easier.

So we moved! Our landlord needed our basement apartment for family at the end of our lease, so he told us mid-Feb that he wouldn't be renewing the lease. So we scrambled around for a place to live. We couldn't find the right fit for us under our time crunch and financial situation, so we ended up moving in with some friends. We're living with them for a while as we attempt to find the right place for us. It's been a little over a week and so far there's been no eye gouging or hair pulling, so we'll see how it goes.

I don't have my craft station set up in full, so for a little while I'll have to get my craft fix by going and sniffing things in Hobby Lobby...maybe that will help! Other than that I've got a stash of yarn sitting here I can attempt to make something with to keep my hands busy.

Also, I've stumbled upon a great product that I wanted to share with you all. It's called It Works! and it's completely incredible! They have products to help with pretty much everything ranging from weight loss, to supplements, to skin care products. I have tried the supplements line and it's pretty much changed my life.

As many of  you may know, I struggle with depression and anxiety pretty hardcore. I was given a week's supply of the supplement called "Confianza" to try. Confianza is a naturally based supplement that increases your energy levels while reducing stress and fatigue. Its special blend of herbs was developed to provide a safe way to enhance your ability to cope with all forms of stress: physical, emotional, or environmental.

I took this supplement every day for a week and was amazed at the results. It boosted the effects of the anti-depressant that I take everyday, and it made my stress levels and anxiety virtually go away. Nothing else I've ever tried has made this big of a difference to the way I feel about stress and anxiety! I was taking these supplements during the week of our move, and normally I would have been wigged out and stressing to the max. With these supplements, I was still stressed, but it brought the levels down to a manageable level for me. I have NEVER before felt something that gave me that drastic a change.

The best thing about their entire product line is it's 100% natural. Nothing in it is in any way manufactured or hard for your body. It's all natural herbs and extracts from things that God placed here on this earth for us to use.

You can check out more information on this product line, by going to my website http://ajohnson.myitworks.com. All the information is there, along with ingredients listed and a wide range of products to help with every concern you have.

I don't push stuff on people if I don't believe in it. And even when I believe in it, I don't want to pressure you for a "sale" or anything of the sort. I honestly believe in these products and what they can do to help everyone, and wanted you to have this knowledge because I thought it would help you out. So check it out or not, that's up to you!

So that's my shameless plug for the day, but honestly go check it out! They're AMAZING!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and enjoying this beautiful Spring weather!

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