Saturday, February 9, 2013

I want to live inside Pinterest. Who's with me?

Ever have one of those days where everything in your life just seems to be out of whack? And in turn it makes you want to whack something? Yeah...that's me today.

I had to put on my fat clothes this morning, and they were even too tight. Which made me cranky. Some unexpected life events happened this weekend which in turn made me have to re-evaluate things on the fly. I hate that! Then I came home and saw the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and lamented the fact that I had just done dishes two days ago...and why are they reproducing at this rate? Do they not use birth control?

Then I went in to use the bathroom and noticed how frumpy I was looking today after all this bad news. And  shrugged my shoulders, turned to get in the shower and saw it was snowing...again...(I usually like snow, but we've had a lot of it this year, and I'm ready for spring!)

We got paid this weekend which is usually a cause for great celebration in our home. But this week we had more bills than money...and we grumped around about that too...*sigh*

I don't mean to turn this into a whining post, I really don't. But today I'm living without pretending. Life can't always be the pictures on Pinterest of perfect homes, perfect craft projects, happy people and sunshine days.

Some days (actually more days than we want to admit even to ourselves) are un-perfect. We have to pull out the fat clothes, guzzle Diet Coke in vast quantities just to stay alert through the day. Do dishes, wipe up after dogs, skip showers, and take cars to the repair shop. It's a struggle, and sometimes it just gets us down.

My life would be a lot more perfect if I lived inside Pinterest. Anyone want to join me? I'll split the cost of a moving truck with you...

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Laurie said...

Ha, I liked your little rant :) I'll trade you some sunshine for snow! I want some cold weather. Hubby was transferred to Hawaii (Navy) and it 'cools' down to 70's, but when the breeze stops it is HOT. (Plus I'm preggo) 90% of the homes here don't have central air either... But that's just part of my rant ;)

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