Monday, January 28, 2013

Making a Wig out of Dog Hair

Do you remember a while back I posted all about our little fur baby Milo
She is adorable, funny, infuriating, large, slobbery, and love-able. She stalks us on a frequent basis...

She snores when she sleeps (really loudly!) is scared of anything she can't eat. (Including ziploc bags and air freshners) and I completely hate her little guts. 

At least today I do. I mean I love her...I think...sometimes...yes I really do. 

This is the shot of the dog hair I swept up in my kitchen not even two hours ago...after having swept the same kitchen floor Friday evening.

I'm really getting tired of dog hair everywhere...and just when I think I can't stand it anymore, and the dog has to go...she makes this face...
And I can't help but smile, and snuggle her close.And then whip out the vacuum for the third time that day to remove the 18lbs of dog hair aforementioned dog hugging produced.

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Mr. Lux said...

OMG. Did you just write a post about my life? I too have a dog that stretched my love to limits I never knew possible. Even looks just like yours (only my Wolfgang is black. an 80lb. chicken). Thanks for the morning giggle.