Friday, January 18, 2013

Listen to your instincts, and you too could get some crepes

I'm going to tell you a story of why you should always follow your instincts. Yesterday was the day that Six Sister's Stuff had a launch party for their new awesome website "My Recipe Magic." It is a really cool site that has a ton of recipes on it, and you can join up and earn some extra cash. I was invited to go to this party. I wanted to go, but circumstances yesterday had me questioning all day whether I should go or not. 

I couldn't get a hold of anyone to go with me. (I hate going places alone) Hubs has been working tons of overtime the last two weeks and was plumb tuckered out, so he was out of the running. I called my Mom and she was out of gas and paychecks to be able to come. Bloggy friends were going alone, so I questioned all day whether I should go. And then hubs got off work late, and I figured, okay that's the final nail in the coffin, I won't go. 

But then something inside me said "just go, you'll be a little late, but you should get out of the house." (We've had cabin fever around here like no other because of the crazy cold weather!) So when hubs pulled into the driveway I met him with a kiss and a goodbye and headed off to have some blogging fun. 

When I got there, it was already full of awesome bloggers, lined up for the crepe bar.
Reason #1 I had to be there...these were delicious! 

And then the Six Sisters talked to us about their new awesome website. 
And then we just got plain silly...

DeDe from DesignzbyDeDe was there and we went and had some fun in the photo booth together...

Yeah...we had fun...the hat and crown combo just say "awesome dresser"...don't you think?

So after all this crepe eating photobooth posing fun, they did some drawings for awesome things. They had a really cool blendtech blender and some items from the merchants at Gardner Village. 

And they were also giving away a ticket to their Build Your Blog Conference. 

I've been drooling over this, but couldn't come up with the money to go. 

They pulled out a name...



Literally made my night...

Build Your Blog 2013

So this my friends is why you should always listen to your instincts. If I hadn't listened to mine, I wouldn't be going to this awesome conference! If you want to go, you can head over to their site and register. I'm sure they would love to have more people attending! :-) 


Kim @ Too Much Time said...

How exciting!!!! I never win anything and that is so cool for you, that conference will be amazing:)

Jess from Coxs Corner said...

Yay! I'm happy for you girl!