Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dog Chewed My Sofa, Jeans to the Rescue!

We got a really comfy couch from the thrift store last year. 
It was a great sofa, until the dog decided to take a whirl at digging to China. She's four years old and past her chewing phase (we thought!) so needless to say I was a tad upset when she attacked. 

(insert grumble here)

If you remember right, last summer my mom gave me a zillion jean squares. I made a few awesome things from them, but still had a ton left. They were calling to me, waiting to be made into something. I decided you can't get a sturdier fabric than denim. And so I went to work. 

And I saw how cute it turned out, so finished the whole project. It was really easy, only took me a couple of days. (and two seasons of Friends) I think it turned out super cute! 

 I didn't really lay out the denim squares. I probably should have and made something that matched and was co-ordinated.
 That's just not how I roll. I like the mish-mash look that this created.

Here's a shot with the afghan I made over the back.
The cushions are once again presentable. The jean squares have a re-purpose, the sofa is covered, and my living room looks tons better. 


Missy Shay said...

I love the mish mash look of it! /that's a great idea!

The Quiet Mom said...

You did a great job!

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Very creative!!

Kadie said...

Turned out super cute!! I like the blue and white theme you have going on.:)

Sandy said...

What a great save. I have always
liked the look of denim in a sofa
and yours turned out really nice
with the afgan and pillows.
Good job.

Sewing for Utange said...

Very cute! I am great fan of recycled denim.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Good idea, you pulled it off beautifully. Hope the dog doesn't chew this one!

Jennifer Hughes said...

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Bev Carter said...

Great way to save your couch and it looks great. Blue jeans are so durable, it should last, unless the dog has other ideas.