Thursday, November 15, 2012

Phone suggestions?

So we've had Straight Talk for over eight months. After three phones died on hubby and we got flat out lied to twice, we're ready to move onward and upward. We like the no contract service plans, so I dug in and started researching. Virgin Mobile is what is going to serve our needs the best and I"m excited to move on.

I also started researching phones. My phone hasn't been the nightmare that hubs has been, but it's pretty we both wanted an upgrade. After a lot of research about what I wanted, we settled on the Kyocera Rise. 
It's got all the features I wanted, and it's not too complicated for a smart phone newbie like myself.

We get our phones tomorrow...and I'm now researching apps. (There's a lot of research going into this for me, but the $$$ we invest needs to be a wise investment to me. And $200 may not be hard to come by for some people, but for us it's a huge amount, so if we're spending that kind of dough on something I darn well better be happy as a clam with my purchase!) I've already made a list of a few apps that I like the sounds of, and a few I already know I won't be able to live without. (Etsy, Pinterest...etc) But the question I have is, what apps do you experienced Smart Phone Users have and can't live without? What ones might be handy for someone like me? (Smart Phone Virgin!)

Leave me a comment and let me know, and wish me luck in my new adventure tomorrow! :-)

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Missy Shay said...

I have an app for coupons for Michaels and Joann's, When I was trying to remember to drink water, I found a free app for that too.