Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Growing like a weed

As some of you may remember I became an aunt for the first time this summer. 

(Still the cutest little stinker!)

I got to see him last weekend at a friend's wedding. My sister and brother in law were there and brought this adorable munchkin with them. He's getting so darned cute! He's at that age that he's starting to recognize people and grin at everything! He was happy to see everyone, and is the most calm baby I've ever seen. Unless he's hungry or has a diaper situation, he's just chill and happy! 

He's only three months old and he's starting to wear nine month old clothes! His auntie is very proud that he's such a great big boy, but his mom and dad are telling him to slow down! In that vein they're going to run into a problem very soon. He's going to grow out of his bed! He's already grown out of his bassinet and they are using his crib, but pretty soon, they'll be in need of a high quality children's bed

I am going to start looking online at Tesco Direct. They make some really awesome beds, and have good prices. The selection can't be beat! Any kind of bed you can imagine, they have. We're going to take a spin around their website here in the near future and make sure we get something really great for him! 

Hopefully they can find something they like soon before he's so big he goes off to join the NBA or the NFL!

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