Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall bucket list

We went out for a drive the other day, and stopped at the local park to let the doggy get her wiggles out. While we were there I couldn't resist taking some pictures. 
Thought I'd share. 
Pictures didn't turn out too bad for an impromptu photo shoot with an inexperienced photographer (Hubs) and a camera phone! 

I checked a few things off my bucket list for fall! 
Jump in a pile of leaves. CHECK! 

Toss leaves up in the air and let them "fall" on you. CHECK! 

Dried up river bed with leaves and an old bridge. 

My kind of weather right here

Marvel at God's amazing beauty and creation. CHECK! 

Get pictures of hubs. CHECK! 
I love this man. :-) 

Yep, I like leaves. 

Be a retarded fool and enjoy every second of this fall season. CHECK!

Post like a nerd outside. CHECK! 

I love him so much! :-) 

What's on your fall bucket list? Have you been enjoying this awesome weather and season? Fall is by far my most favorite time of year. Hands down. :-) 

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Becca Acker said...

Found your cute post via the Crafty Blog Stalker. I have really come to enjoy fall as well (though summer is still tops in my mind). Unfortunately, fall weather is gone already where I live...