Thursday, September 13, 2012

Memory Lane (Oh yeah, and some quilt action)

You see these kids in this picture?

That would be me...many moons ago...and that would be my best friend-little brother-annoyance-theboyIwastotallyinlovewith-Nathan. This picture was taken the day he came home from Basic Training. {army} I had no idea he was coming home, and he surprised the hell out of me. I cried for ten minutes before we took this picture.

This guy went to high school with me. He helped my family move multiple times. He carried a filing cabinet up a set of stairs all by himself, he taco folded a mattress to get it inside a house, and was my shoulder to cry on after another friend bailed on me.

We spent that summer watching Harry Potter, staying up way too late at his parent's house, driving way too fast out on his family's property, laughing our assess off, playing truth or dare, and making some of the best memories I have ever had.

I was totally and completely in love with him. And he was too clueless to do anything about it.
{*Sigh* Men...}

This is a more current picture of us. Nearly two years ago Feb is when it was taken. The day before he went back to Fort Bliss in Texas. He'd been home on leave for two weeks, and we hadn't seen each other in eight years.

{I think he'd just said something really annoying...hence the lovely face}

He's coming home on leave again in October before being shipped to Korea for a year.


I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this one.

His fiancee has two little kids, so he's taking on a ready-made family. But you know what, if anyone can do it, he can! He's got so much love to give, that I'm thrilled to my toes for him!

{And not at all jealous that he was courageously challenged and never asked me out back in the day}


Anyway, the woman he's marrying is moving in with his Mom at the end of the month and I was asked if I'd make a couple of quilts for the kids. Of course I said yes! Nathan's mom had the stash of fabric, just not the time to make something, so I jumped right in. I went and played with fabric for a while and came out on the other side with a quilt top she'd put together that was just missing the borders. I took it home and got right to work. I think I eat, slept, and breathed this quilt for three days. I wanted it to be ready for a little girl to snuggle into...and this is how it turned out.

Don't judge my quilting too harshly, it's all kinds of wonky

I wanted it to be something warm, but bright and colorful, so I used some rainbow flannel for the backing fabric. I love how it sets off the pattern on the front!

Such a cute pattern for a little girl!

And the back is awesome...right?

I'm so happy for him that he finally found someone to share his life with. And even happier that he's jumping into a ready made family. I hope that his new little girl will love this quilt as much as this quilter loves her new Daddy.


Janeil Jones said...

What sweet memories! Love the quilt!

Jill said...

Gorgeous quilt - and such fabulous fabric!!!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success