Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Memory 9/11

I was an 18 year old kid. I had just graduated High School that summer. I was working at Walmart. I had just come home from a shift that ended at 3am, and was sleeping in that morning.

All of a sudden my mother came in and woke me up. It was 9am. I was annoyed to be woken up when I'd really just fallen asleep. She shook me awake and stated "Get up, World War Three just started" and left my room.

I stumbled into the living room in time to see the really cool movie on the TV. I asked what they were watching. The horrified looks on my family's faces told me this was no movie. This was real. This was happening. Our country was under attack. People were dying.

And then the second tower was hit.

I was in total shock. We lived in a peaceful country. I never really got into politics. I was a high school student for Pete's sake. This made me realize just how sheltered and naive I really was.

I will NEVER forget that day. What I was doing, the fear I felt, the horror I experienced. The news footage on every radio station, news station. On everyone's lips. Our country was attacked.

No matter what your political affiliation, religion, race, sexual orientation, hair color or the way you sing in the shower. Every single person was affected on 9/11. We need to always remember the heroes that gave their lives that day. And the heroes that are currently sacrificing for us.

"Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day?"


Jess from Coxs Corner said...

Whoa! I totally just posted the same type of thing! http://travisandjessicacox.com/2012/09/911-i-promise-to-remember-and-never-to-forget.html Great minds think alike my friend!

suzyq said...

I was sitting at work when we heard the news - just that a plane had crashed into the building - this was still in the minutes when everyone thought a terrible accident had occurred - and my co-worker screamed
OMG - this is defninitely a terrorist act - we all told her to calm down, that there was no way it could be that - when minutes later the second one hit - and we knew with devastation that she was right.
I live in Montreal - ( Canada ) my brother walked in to my home that night and said the same thing your family did - " this is the start of
World War 3 " I had just come back from Manhattan that week.
You would be hard pressed to find anyone who could not tell you exactly what they were doing that morning.
No words can ever express the grief.

Vanessa @ Our Thrifty Ideas said...

The words from that song give me chills no matter what day or time of year. I cry just thinking about it. I listen to country all day every day, and haven't been able to get myself to turn the radio on today because I know I'll cry the whole time :(

Gina Baker said...

I was walking towards the social sciences building at the University of Utah and my friend called telling me the news. I just kind of said okay and hung up with her... it did not hit until I saw the pictures.