Thursday, September 20, 2012

Husband's Away, the Bloggers Will Play Event Week with Le Chateau des Flueurs!

I'm still a widow, but it's alright. I'm kind of enjoying the house to myself! Things stay put away when the husband isn't here to mess things up...
Now if I could just get the dog to vacuum all would be well...
So today I'm swapping blogs with Frenchy over at LeChateau De Fluers... come check my post out here when you're all done reading below!

Hello Quilted Euphoria readers!

My name is Isabelle Thornton. I write at Le chateau des fleurs. I have been writing for 3 years now about all the crazy things i do with my kids and my hobbies. I have 4 children.

Mimi is 12

My Fairy (but really she is a troll) is 5

My boy is 9

Soleil who is 7 months.

We also have a cute Dog Zacky.

We Love Fall and have Halloween parties. I am exited for Soleil's first Halloween!

To tell you a little about me. I am from Paris, France and served an LDS mission in Temple square. After my mission i came back to Utah for school and met my husband who is American and we got married. We live by Salt lake city.

I thought i would share with you a recipe that i just tried. Since it is Fall and corn is in season.

Mexican corn recipe

Corn on the cob,
Grated Cheese of choice...Mozzarella (Italian version), Gruyere (French version), Cheddar (American version), Asiago (Mexican).

First, make your kids peel the corn. LOL

Boil for 15 minutes or when the grains are tender when pocked with a fork.

Spread Mayo on the hot corn with a knife. Then sprinkle with grated cheese, it will melt...Yummy and super addictive i warn you!

I like the Pepper and olive oil Mayo too when i want it a little bit hot.

I would have a giveaway but i have something better. At least i think. I have my own picture editing App.

Lots of cute filters for your phone pics and also a filter named "Make me skinny". It makes you look 10 and more pounds thinner! Photographers use it all the time and you can use it on your phone!

It's FREE!

I have a party every Monday on my blog called "French party on Monday" where you can link anything French inspired.

I am also starting another party called "What inspires me on Friday" You are more than welcome to join.

Now if you want to keep in touch, I am on Facebook and Twitter and I have a "Very Ghost" dessert for you on My blog, Le chateau des fleurs!

Gros bisous a tous!
Isabelle Thornton

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