Sunday, September 16, 2012

Husband's Away, the Bloggers Will Play Event Week with Mish Mash Mom!

So Hubs called this morning and said he was going to breakfast at Shoney's...
I am now officially hungry...
So while I go find some breakfast, let me introduce you to Kathy from Mish Mash Mom!
Take it away!
Hello! I'm so happy to be here at Quilted Euphoria today and to share with you my new autumn wreath. First, a little background information--

1. I'm cheap. I love free things. Love them. Very little thrills me more than finding an amazing deal or something that has been cast off that I can breathe new life into.

2. I'm cheap. Yes. I said that twice. I live a bit of a distance to the nearest store, so I would rather tear apart the craft closet to find something that might work than drive to the store and buy what I need. Or, in the case of this project, after running out of gluesticks for my gluegun and trying several other glues unsuccessfully, begging my neighbors on facebook for spare gluesticks. {Thanks, Tiffney!}

3. I love wreaths. See here, here, and here.

4. I love dark chocolate. Loooooove it.

That's pretty much it. You know everything about me now.

So I wanted to make a new fall wreath.

I started with an old grapevine wreath that I had wrapped in burlap, and just removed the flowers. You could use any kind of wreath for this--I've seen some great ones made with swim noodles {cut, glued and wrapped}.

I wrapped the wreath in a large jute string {also given to me by a friend}. This took a while. I put a dob of glue every now and then to keep things in place, and also had to pull the strings tighter together on the inside of the wreath, otherwise it started to get slanty.

When it was all wrapped, I started scavenging.

I pulled some fabric scraps from the craft closet--nylon net, burlap, felt, cotton, etc.-- and used a few flower tutorials from this blog for most of the flowers. I then placed them on the wreath and moved them around till I was happy with the way it looked, then I glued them.

There were a few holes when I was done with that, so I found some autumn leaves in the craft closet, and a few of my daughter's hair flowers to fill them in.

Such a fun project and made with stuff I had on hand {See background information #2}, except for the gluesticks, which, thankfully, Tiffney had on hand.

Thanks, Amber, for having me visit today!
I would love for you to stop by my blog and say hello!
*looks up from nomming on her toast*
Oh...she's done...
*Brushes crumbs off keyboard*
Cute wreath, and I love how thriftily she was in creating!
Check in tomorrow for more awesome blog swapping action!