Saturday, August 25, 2012

Featured Blogger Week: Jess from Cox's Corner

Happy Saturday! I have one last awesome blogger to introduce you all to today. I recently was able to meet this awesome chicka in person when we went to an awesome bloggers conference in SLC, Utah. She is funny, talented, and without further ado, I introduce to you Jess, from Cox's Corner!

Take it away Jess!

Hi there Quilted Euphoria Readers! Can I just say that I am so excited to be visiting today?!

Oh good, cause I totally just did.

My name is Jess and I blog over at Cox's Corner. I am a SAHM to two darling kiddos.

My blog is kind of a mixed bag of crafts and tutorials.

When you come over you can expect to find tutorials on a Mickey Mouse Ears Cake, Tutu with a Twist, My Washi Laptop Makeover, Interchangeable Wreath Form, and a Tulle Wreath. Just to name a few! I also LOVE to try my hand at designing cute quotes and printables!

Amber included some fun questions to help us introduce ourselves so I've decided to give them a go! :)

What got you into blogging? What do you blog about? After I had my baby girl, I had postpartum depression. I started making bows for her hair and I started to feel happy and more like me again. I opened a shop but then decided I would rather just teach people what I've learned, so I made my private blog go public and started sharing!

What has been your favorite post so far? My favorite post so far would have to be my cabbage patch doll hat tutorial, I just think my little girlie is so cute in it!

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere right this second, where would you be and why? On a Disney Cruise. Because they are amazing and such a fun time with kids! Keep an eye out on my blog for a post on my take on how to cruise with young kids!

What is your one must have accessory when you leave the house? (phone, lipstick, kid leash…etc?) Diapers...what can I say? I'm a mom! :)

Now that you've gotten to know me, I'd LOVE to get to know you, so please come on over!

So, I bet you're wondering what I brought over just for you right?! I did a post and got a pretty big response on my ABC/I LOVE YOU Printable.

It was only available in one color, but for you I have decided to bring over 5! All you have to do is click on the picture and save it to your computer and you've got yourself a cute ABC/I LOVE YOU Printable!

If you're looking for even more colors, my favorite can be found on ETSY and she can totally personalize the colors just for you!

And now...for the giveaway! I am giving away ONE Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears Crochet Beanie! This included the ears and two matching boutique style bows that can be removed and worn without the hat!

You can see what it looks like without the bows on as a Mickey Hat in the picture. Just specify what size and I'll make it for you!

Again, please feel free to come over and visit anytime! You can also find me on Facebook, and Pinterest!

Amber, thank you so much for letting me come over and visit!

Jessica Joy

Jessica you are welcome here anytime! Thanks for bringing those free printables and your awesome personality to share with my readers! And are we so freaking excited about that hat or what??? Make sure you get your entries in below for that adorable hat!

Thanks for coming by this week to meet all of these fantastic bloggers! They truly are very talented group of ladies and I'm so glad you got to know them.

Each day next week I'll be announcing the winners of this week's giveaways, so make sure you stay tuned, you could be a winner! Have a great weekend guys!


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Phoebe Moon said...

Great feature! Jess is the best =D Following you now- I need to get my quilt on and you seem to know what you're doing ;)

Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects said...

Id love to win this for my daughter, thanks for the giveaway, ladies!

Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Zo would definitely rock that beanie!!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

Katherine Amos said...

Great give away my son and daughter would love these. My son is a huge Mickey Mouse fan.

Brown Family said...

Pick me! :)

Ninja Grandma said...

One of my grandchildren.

Daydreaming Realist said...

Me! I would wear it :) Just kidding. It would be either my little nephew or my son, depending on the size of it. My son has always loved Mickey Mouse, so this would be a really cool winter beanie for him :) Love the photos & the post! :)

Daydreaming Realist

Silent Poet said...

I would give this to a friend of mines baby. Thanks for the giveaway!

-Rachael Henzman

Tiffany Heinisch said...

These are sooo cute!! I would love one for my little niece Avah!!!