Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chicken Sandwich Musings

I have been trying to stay out of this Chick-Fil-A business. It's a fast food joint for crying out loud. People are up in arms over a chicken sandwich? So I felt that if you can't beat 'em...join ' below are a few of my musings and my stance on this issue. I want you all to know that I respect your right to a difference of opinion. It's TOTALLY OKAY! It's what this country is built on. However what I don't support is hate, negative, or rude feedback. State your opinion or don't but let's all put on our big girl (or dude!) panties while doing it and be nice? :-)

I am morally opposed to gay marriage. It's a sensitive issue for me though and kind of confusing because I don't want my rights as a human being taken away, so I don't want that imposed on anyone else regardless of how I personally view their lifestyle. However what I am opposed to is name calling, finger pointing, and slanderous statements and people boycotting a fast food resturant because the owner used his first amendment rights to answer a question posed to him. Someone asked him what his stance was, he answered, and now everyone's all in a tither. My eating a chicken sandwich and the fact that you're gay have nothing to do with each other, unless of course I take my gay friend out for a chicken sandwich (which he'd love, cause let's face it, they're delicious!)

Also it is the owners (or CEO or whatever the heck he is) right to use his own money (not the company's money) to support whomever and whatever he chooses. Yes his income comes from the business, but he's not using company profits to support the groups he's donating to. He's also not being discriminatory in who he employs, so why all the ruffled feathers about the groups he chooses to donate to? Do we care what Walmart donates to, or how they produce their merchandise for so cheap? Hiring people in China in the worst working conditions known to man? Does that cause a riot and boycotting of Walmart? No of course not. We buy the cheaply made overseas junk without getting all riled up. Why can't we just agree to disagree with him, and go eat his delicious chicken sandwiches? (I'm starting to seriously drool right now)

I have a friend who's gay. He's the dearest friend in the world to me. I don't want his rights to marry who he wants taken away, and I don't want his choices and lifestyle questioned or made fun of. So why can't we extend that same courtesy to the owner (head of keffufle dude) of Chick-Fil-A? His lifestyle and life choices are what everyone is all up in arms about, and isn't it the same thing that you're upset about as a gay person? In my opinion it's a double standard...and everyone is getting way too krunk up about it. If you don't like what he's doing, just don't go there, but why make such a big spectacle about it? I just want to eat a chicken sandwich without my social or political agenda being questioned.

Can't we just have one thing in our lives that doesn't have a political agenda attached to it? I mean come on, it's a fast food joint. I respect your opinion, and I respect your right to disagree with me. We all have a different outlook in a situation and we can just agree to disagree and each chicken in peace. If you don't want to eat at CFA then don't. Problem solved.

Anyway, that's my two cents, and I'm really going to stop now because I hate politics...because it draws me in like this and gets me krunked up when I don't need to let's have it. Your thoughts? Remember, let's all play nice.


Bonnie said...

You have stated it well. I, too, have gay friends AND I am a Christian. Everything you stated I have to totally agree with. I think I may have lost a few friends who couldn't understand that ALL of us have the right to an opinion and Mr. Chick Fil A was not hateful or slanderous in his statements. I love their chicken sandwiches and irregardless of anyones beliefs, I will still eat there because I LOVE their food.

Missy Shay said...

I have noticed, that it is okay to slander Christians and the Bible (have you seen some of the new tv shows lately? I haven't, but have heard about them), but it is not okay to disagree with the homosexual lifestyle. In politics and the media, free speech only applies to the homosexuals - it does not apply to Christians. If you read his interview he does not even mention homosexuals, he just says he believes in traditional marriage according to the Bible. And for that people are wanting to boycott him. It's ridiculous!