Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! (Picture Overload!)

We had such a fun 4th of July! We are not creatures that enjoy heat, so no outside activities were planned until nighttime. (Fireworks when it's not blazing hot!) So all activities were held indoors, but we had a blast! We ate great food, had tons of ice cream, napped, chatted, connected as a family, and generally had a blast!

Hope everyone had a great holiday! (And now it's time for picture overload!)

Mom really getting into it

brother really getting into it...somehow not so awesome

very pregnant ready to pop any day now sister really getting into it

Hubs and doggies (ours is the big white one!)

Sister and brother in law

Sister and her looks like she's got a beard...

things that make ya go awwww....

um...well...yeah....moving on...

That's better

Our doggie (the big white one) mom's dog (the one with the back to the camera) and sister's possessed devil-demon doggie (The eyes, they buuurn!)

bro and bro in law about to go kick each other's butts with ninja swords

My hair decoration courtesy of Kristine @ The Foley Fam Unedited (told you I'd get you pictures!) 

sister is ready to pop any second, it's 100 degrees, she is enjoying ice cream and she has every right to do so!

We get this face from her a lot....

Doggies nomming on each other since they couldn't eat the fried chicken the rest of us had

This picture is so adorable! 

Um...not exactly sure what she was doing, but she sure is doing it great

doggie loving life in the backseat on the way home...

I wuv him a wot! (I look really weird...)

And pretties! 

Hope everyone had a FUN, SAFE, GREAT holiday! 

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