Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Easy Peasy Curtains

Ever since finishing up the dresser and moving it into my bedroom I've been aching to start co-ordinating with it. The rest of my room kind of (okay no kind of, it is) all furnished second hand and that hasn't really been a problem, because I'm just grateful to have a bed, ya know? However since putting the fantastic piece of furniture in my bedroom and drooling all around it, I figured it was time to start making things in my room look a little more like they were put there on purpose.

Enter in curtains! I made a set of curtains very very similar to these back in high school that somehow got lost, or chopped up, or faded or something over the years. I remember it being one of my very first sewing projects, and how much I loved them. So I figured lighting might strike twice if I tried. So I decided to go for it. And today I'll be sharing the tut with you guys so you can make your very own tabbed curtains! They are literally so easy that it took me about two hours beginning to end to get them done. For beginner sewers it's the perfect project to cut your teeth on, and for experienced sewers it's a project you can tackle quite easily in one sitting. So without further ado, here we go!

Easy Peasy Curtains
First of all you're going to need to decide on a color and buy some fabric! Easiest way to figure out how much you'll need is to measure your window. I bought two yards of purple to cover my 66'' wide window. I wanted a little more coverage than just a single stretched piece of fabric. But you'll need to figure it out yourself as to how much. I can't tell you exacts, just measure your window and then hedge your bets by getting slightly more than you'll need. I chose purple to coordinate with the dresser, and I fell in love with this white pattern fabric.

Next step is to cut your curtain panels. For this project I cut them 36'' long out of the purple, and left the width from the bolt of fabric. So they ended up being 36''X45''. I then cut out a four inch strip of the white pattern fabric and attached to the bottom to break up the purple a little.

You don't have to do that step, but if you do chose to add some length or a different fabric, it's really easy. Just cut the strip as wide and long as you need it, and sew it to the bottom of your curtain right sides together, and then press.

Now you will need to hem up those raw edges. Fold your fabric over 3/4'' of an inch...

And press to mark the seam.

Take your newly pressed curtain panel to the sewing machine and run a straight stitch down the line you marked with the iron. We're just making sure the raw edges are closed in, so no fancy sewing is required. Just a simple fast stitch down the edge will work. (You can use coordinating thread or be a lazy bum maverick like I was, and just use whatever color is in your machine.)

Take your stitching around all four sides, making sure to catch the corners, and tack down securely. When you've completed one panel, switch and do the other the same way. Press after you're done to work out any wrinkles.
You should now have two curtain panels that are almost ready to be hung up. All that's left is the tabs! For my project I needed the tabs to hang about three inches down for my window. Adjust this measurement up or down accordingly for your window. I cut eight tabs per panel for mine, and again you can change this to how many tabs you would like. I cut tabs 2 1/2'' X 7'' to give seam allowances and make the finished tabs 2''X3''. Fold over the edges of the tabs and press, then sew down to get rid of the raw edge, just like you did with the curtain panel. Don't worry about the short end those are just being attached, so you don't need to fold those over. Your tabs should look something like this when you're all done.

Next fold over your tabs in half so that they will attach to the curtain panel. Space them out evenly across the top of your curtain panel and pin in place.

Run your curtain panel with pinned tabs through your machine, tacking down each tab in your line of stitching.
I did two lines of stitching, one on the bottom to secure it to the panel, and then another pass closer to the top to tack down the edge and give it some extra strength. Press your tabs and curtain panel, making sure that all tabs have been secured and checking for flaws.

And it's hard to believe, but you're actually done! Now you just need to rinse and repeat with the other curtain panel.

The fun part is now hanging the curtains and adjusting them on your window! Stand back and admire your handiwork!

(this is the favorite part of my curtains, is the bottom edging with the white fabric!)

This is a shot from the corner of my room trying to show how the curtains look with the dresser. The quilt is a nap quilt that I made seven or so years ago out of the same fabric as my original purple curtains!

And a shot with the curtains closed!

And there ya go! Easy peasy curtains. If you have any trouble following these directions, I"m sorry I'm kind of scattered in my tutorials lately! If you make these (and can figure out my weird directions) I'd love to see pictures of your handiwork!

Have a great Wednesday guys! We're almost to the weekend!


Missy Shay said...

Those turned out nice!

Apsolutely Me! said...

Hello Amber!

Visiting your site via the link party at thecraftyblogstalker. I linked up the curtains I made over the weekend too! :) I love how your curtains turned out.


Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

Super cute, thanks for sharing this great project!
I found your post over at The Crafty Blog Stalker's link party :)

Jess_LyMi said...

Very cute and I enjoyed the tutorial. I'd love to sew up some curtains. :)

Jess @ The Delightful Crafter

Roxie Tenner said...

Your curtain and your dresser look good together! They both look cute and very chic. Good job on the curtains! Using different patterns and textures on window treatments can add appeal to the overall look of the room. You can also use some patterns of a lighter shade to break the uniformity and monotony of color. For example, you can use a lavender-colored floral fabric to match the quilt. It will definitely spruce up your room.

(Roxie Tenner)

Tammy Duhon said...

Nice job!!

Tammy @

Michelle Smith said...

These curtains and dressers are looking very beautiful… these are really very cute. Thanks for sharing such pictures..