Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cancer is an ugly word

I'm posting about something and someone that is very dear to me, and I hope that you all can help me band together with some support.

Seven years ago when my parents bought their house, we met an incredible woman with incredible passion and zest for life, and such an intense love for everyone around her. She always wants to be there to help everyone she meets, and makes you feel like you are the most important person to her in the world. She has quickly become a lifelong extended family friend.

She was in the middle of our wedding plans, helping out and doing everything to keep my mother's sanity in tact.

She was also right in the thick of things at my sister's wedding basically doing the same thing!

She was at the baby shower for my sister, and beyond battling the pain from what was then an unknown source (the cancer!) she made a fantastic quilt and was there sharing in our joy for my sister.
She just found out today that she has Ovarian cancer. It has spread to her abdominal lining and is incredibly overwhelming. She is in process of finding out from her doctors and specialists what the best course of action is, but it's still an incredible shock to her system. She's already a grandma and so removing the ovaries and uterus is not such an incredible inconvienence for her at this stage in her life. However battling cancer is always horrible.

If you could keep this family in your prayers, shake a rain stick, or do any number of positive things for her and her family as they struggle to deal with this disgusting disease it would mean a lot to me. I don't feel it's her time to go, but we never know what the Lord has planned for us. This woman is a fighter, and she's going in guns a blazing to get it to submit, but she is going to need an army of prayers to sustain her.

Thanks in advance to all my lovely readers for your faith, support and prayers.


Nicole Buckingham said...

How beautiful that your sweet friend has you rallying a thousand troops to her side-- count me in. Sending good energy to you as you support your friend and to her as she fights this battle.

Visiting and following ya from the hop. If you'd like we're linking up with friends today in the most simply easy way. Come join us. I'd love if others in this group could get to know you and the good that you are doing for your friend. =)


Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

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