Monday, June 25, 2012

Beat the Heat, Use a Crocpot!

It's HOT! I mean melt your feet off, expire if you stay in the sun too long hot! How do you make meals for your family in this kind of heat? Simple answer for this girl, haul out the crocpot!

Now normally you'd think of crocpot meals as something for the winter, with soups etc. I found that the crocpot is awesome in the summer. It doesn't heat up my kitchen and I can have a tasty meal in it cooking while we're at the pool relaxin! My hubs is a strictly meat and potato guy. We very rarely get pasta in our house because that's just not his fav. I on the other hand could live strictly on pasta and be a happy camper. So once in a while, a girl's gotta do for herself, ya know?

Everyone out there has a recipe for this, but this is my spin on it, and thought I'd share, so enjoy!

Crocpot Ravioli

What you'll need: (these amounts are for my family of two with extra for leftovers, adjust your quantities up or down depending on your family's appetite and size)
  • 1lb hamburger or sausage (if you're family can do without the meat, you can skip it.)
  • 1pkg cheese or beef filled frozen ravioli
  • 1 container cottage cheese (small)
  • 1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce
  • 1 pkg mozzarella cheese (small)
  • 1 can diced tomatoes (optional)

(That really is 1lb of meat, it just looks like more because it's a small pan!)
(If you're using meat in your ravioli, cook the hamburger in a skillet on the stove until it's brown, and drain off the grease) Spray the inside of your slow cooker with non-stick spray. Spread a little pasta sauce in the bottom. Layer 1/3 of the ravioli's in the bottom. Cover with cottage cheese and hamburger, and a little more pasta sauce. Rinse and repeat twice more until you have it looking something like this:
Sprinkle some mozzarella on top and cover.
Cook on high for two hours or until hot and bubbly.
(I cooked mine on high and it was done in just under two hours. Again you can adjust your cooking time up or down depending on your circumstances.)
Your ravioli should look something like this:
Stir a little to mix the sauce and cheese around. Serve with salad and garlic bread.


Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

HOLY YUMMO!!! Definitely pinning this for later. Good recipe, my friend!! :)

Molly said...

This looks delicious! If only I could get my husband to eat cottage cheese! :-( You are so right about the heat...definitely too hot for the oven! Have a great night!

Vanilla Bean Crafts said...

Looks SOOO yummy! I could totally live off pasta too.....but then I'd be growing right out of my pants! LOL!

Naptime Review said...

New follower from show me what ya got. I love cooking out of my crockpot. Making something now... Love for you to stop by and follow back when you get a chance.

Dusti said...

love easy meals for the summer. Thanks

Ashley Gault said...

That looks delicious!! Great idea about the crock pot, it has been such a hot Summer so far, 99 degrees the next 2 days!! Anything to keep the oven off... Thanks for sharing this recipe! =)

allisamazing said...

I love my crockpot and this recipe looks fabulous!