Friday, May 25, 2012

Monkey's Everywhere!

WARNING: Long-winded post...but stick to the bottom and there's a cute quilt to look at! 

So in the spirit of being "back in action" I figured I'd go ahead and post a project for you. They've also changed the layoutt here on blogger and done a few other fancy things that I'm still trying to get used to. I"m not a person who manages change very well so I'll hopefully not run screaming away from the new and "improved" blogger! :-)

I have also decided that for a while I'll be holding off on the weekend party that I throw here. It's just something that isn't holding my attention and focus on this blog very well so for now the party is cancelled. I prefer to party at other's places instead of hosting it. (true on blogger, true in life!)

I re-arrnaged my sewing area the last week. It was so disorganized and spaced out in weird spots that I wasn't very productive. Not to mention it's set up in the back half of my living room so when I had people over I literally cringed with the looks I"d get at the mess occupying my room. I may or may not get around to posting pictures of the new layout...I've been out of the blogging mindset for too long and forget to take pictures of awesome things like that to share with you, my loyal and lovely readers. So we'll see how it goes...I may just get too caught up in making some new projects in the new organized space to remember to share the space with you guys! :-) 

Enough blabbing,  onto the project! I think you may remember the little quilt top that I made for my sister's new baby a while back. If you don't remember that's okay, it's been a while. So with her baby shower literally looming in the next week or so, I figured I'd better throw my behind into gear and get the darn thing finished.

Just one slight problem....the monkey's sabatogged my efforts...

After I had the thing done, and threw it in the washer, I pulled it out and to my dismay discovered the monkeys went into the seams of the quilt top and started unraveling and having a party with them. Nearly every single seam was starting to come undone.

I gripped the wet top in my hands and began to sob and cry out "why!?!?!" over and over...then took a deep breath and realized I could fix it..the sewing machine was still working. So I went over the the machine to start to fix the popped seams, only to realize I was out of matching it's in pale yellow that the seams are "fixed". I justified this to myself that there was some yellow in the print of the banana's but honestly I should have waited to get the matching thread...

Things that make ya go "hmmm" how did the left border get so much skinnier than the right border when I cut them out identically?

This is honestly not my best work, but it will keep the little munchkin warm, and it's kinda cute if you don't look too closely at it. Fortunately its going on a crib mattress, or on a floor or something and no one will really notice all my mess-ups. So don't judge to harshly...just enjoy the cute monkey's...right? The plus side is that the flannel is soft and snuggly, and the rest of the materials washed up nice and soft it's warm and soft, and kinda cute!

 It's good to be back guys! Thanks for sticking around, and have a happy weekend!


Adelina Priddis said...

Love it!! Glad to see you back~

Christie DescribeHappy said...

Naughty monkeys and their party. I'm pretty sure kiddos don't judge and I bet it becomes a blanket favorite. Just think of all the forts it might become! Best of luck with the shower!