Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today I'm blessed

I wanted to share something with you guys. I know it's been a while since I posted something on here, and I'm sorry for that. Life has a way of interrupting your best of intentions. I will post a project on here really soon. But today I wanted to just publicly say a few things. I hope I don't offend anyone or scare off some readers, but I am a Christian woman, and I love my Lord and Savior. And today I am thankful beyond words and needed to share that thanks with the world. If you're not religious, or if I offend you in any way, I truly am sorry that is not my intention.

I want to thank my Creator. He has done so much for me and my little family lately and it's not enough to say thank you privately. We have been struggling with unemployment since November of 2009. Long story short we spent two years in the Nashville area after the hubs lost his job, searching for something to support us. We went twice with no car, multiple leads, do-it-yourself jobs, even a few sales jobs, and nothing worked. When McDonalds and Walmart won't even hire you, you know there's something wrong...We exhausted our unemployment benefits, and were facing being homeless. I guess we were just supposed to move. I think we were done being in Nashville and needed to move back to my home for a while. That's the only thing I can think of!

Because of my Creator and His great mercy we did not have to face that extreme. My parents had a place for us to live (with them!) for a few weeks and a solid lead on a job that was pretty much ours if we were in state. So we said lots of prayers, packed, cried (leaving behind the hubs fam) packed some more and took the leap of faith. We got here and have been struggling with the employment thing the whole year. His job would last a few weeks and then for the strangest most random reasons, he'd lose it. I told my Heavenly Father the last time we lost employment that if we could just be blessed with a job, and the blessing of keeping it, that he could bring on all the other challenges he saw that we needed.

Be careful what you pray for folks...lol He saw fit to bring on car trouble. And boy did we have car trouble! Two, count them two cars have died on us. We have been stressed to the max, pulling out our hair, trying to figure out what to do about it. Our marriage has been tested...often! We have fought about this, I've hated him for a few days and then loved him again (sound familiar to any married folks out there???) Then we thought we'd use the tax refund that we were supposed to get after five years of marriage with no refund to get into something. Nope. IRS Pulled that rug out from under us...so we were back to worrying.

And then in prayer (and a pretty humiliating breakdown at a Denny's with my Mom and sisters) an answer came. My parents loaned us the money to get a vehicle. We were stunned, flabbergasted, too humbled and amazed to speak. We didn't even want to ask that kind of a favor, because it's too much, and my other siblings weren't getting cars! But again my Creator loves me and my family enough to let me know that it is ALWAYS up to HIM and HIS timing to give us what we need.

So yesterday...we got us a new vehicle! (New to us anyway) It's a 1995 Buick Le Sabre that has 160k miles on it and is in great shape. Our mechanic signed off on it, and so we purchased it, licensed it, and brought it home last night. The hubs is off driving it today at his job.

Today I am so blessed. We have a functioning, legal vehicle to transport us. We have a home that is warm (okay sometimes it's cold) to protect us from the elements. We have a job, a source of income to support us, and keep us from re-living the nightmare of the last few years.

And I am so grateful to my Creator for His wisdom, mercy, and unconditional love to me. Thank you to all of my readers for putting up with this post, but I just felt that the need to share my thanks.

There will be a new project posted really soon! I love you guys, you're amazing!


Christie DescribeHappy said...

Really glad to hear that things are turning around for you! And sometimes your right... you have to shout it from the rooftops!!

Missy Shay said...

I really appreciated your post, I believe a blog is supposed to reflect the person writing it, and God expects us to share our faith and testimonies with others. Thank you for sharing your testimony, I'll pray for you.