Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crazy Busy Studio Deafness

Dear awesome readers.

I am sincerely sorry for not getting the weekend party up and going yesterday! We are having a crazy busy weekend and I am posting this from my husband's laptop. This laptop was brought to the movie of Jurassic Park by the dinosaurs...and hence I cannot get everything going that I need to for a party.

Hubby is currently doing some fun stuff with the bass guitar in the studio this weekend. He's laying down some tracks with his friend and I'm sitting here going deaf listening to the drummer. You would think I'd be more used to this after all the time I spent in Nashville doing just this...but I guess I'm far enough removed from it that I can't remember what it's like. I have to get used to it all over again. :-)

We are then going to go home, and clean our disgusting house. The dishes have started multiplying and growing new things which demands my attention and a great amount of Lysol to tackle...then after the dishes, I must wash clothes, because everything is DIRTY!

The biggest news however is that I've got myself a job. It's been a little skint around here since I quit my job at Wally World back in December...I found a job doing tech support and customer service for Verizon...and I start Monday. So wish me luck!

So next week will have the party going back up, I promise!

In the meantime check in with me on Facebook and enjoy your weekend!

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