Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two projects to make up for the radio silence!

Wow sorry about the lack of posts the last little while. Ever since our 200 followers celebration ended I kind of lost track of things and forgot to post here! But I do have a good excuse! I've been busy getting the giveaway quilt all finished up.

I thought you guys might like to take a look at it all done.

All tied, and finished!
The winner wanted their last name added in personalized embroidery to the quilt. So the line reads "McMasters" in ecru embroidery floss at the top. I think it compliments the colors nicely!
And a shot of the all important label! Hand stitched on the back...
(don't judge...the stitches look awful!)

So then I was all project-less and decided to take a stab at a quilt for my little nephew soon to be appearing in July. I saw this fabric in the store a few weeks ago and knew it had to come home because it was definitley for my sister's child...
She was such a monkey as a child and her hubby was a monkey (so we've heard) and so their kid is screwed! lol
Since it was such a simple pattern it went together really fast this afternoon.
I think it's adorable! So now I have to finish it up...but I did add one final touch...

We found out two weeks ago that we're having a nephew! :-) So now we can get gender specific!
This is the name that my sister and bro in law have settled on for the time being so I decided to put his name on it. Easy enough to take out if they don't decide to stick with this name.

So this is what I've been up to...! I'll be back again shortly with another project as I'm currently up to my ears in them. YAY!


DebbieDoesCreations said...

Love the monkeys!! I am your newest Linky Follower and hope you will follow me back :)

Adrianne said...

I love the music notes on the giveaway quilt. And I cannot believe this, but I wasn't a Linky follower yet! So I fixed that while I was here. ;)

Happy Wednesday!


Rhonda Emery said...

super job I am a new follower I hope you can join me also. hugs