Monday, February 20, 2012

Re-gifting, fixing, and birthdays

So this post is kind of embarrassing for me...but I figured it's something that I need to fess up to...

I'm not perfect. *GASP* I know that shocks most of you, (okay lets face it, all of you...) but I'm really not. Especially when it comes to quilting. I love doing it, but sometimes I get too hurried and skip some steps.

Example: Two years ago I made this quilt for my best friend's birthday.

I had this brainchild to make him one after eight lost years of friendship. We had just re-connected the Oct before his birthday and I wanted to do something really special for him. So I decided to make him a quilt. I was in such a rush to get it done, make it beautiful, and get it shipped from Tennessee to Utah that I think I neglected a few things. I skipped some steps. I rushed the seams. I did not pay attention to some critical markers along the way....but for the time was done and beautiful and perfect. And it made it there for his birthday!

(The panther and footprints applique is an inside joke between the two of us, but I am so proud of my freehand applique pattern, I had to show it off!)

Okay so back to the story. Last year after moving back from Tennessee to Utah, William (the friend) comes to me with the quilt nearly in tears. The seams had started popping! And I'm not talking little pops, I'm talking literally falling apart at the seams.

He had thrown it in the washer a couple of times and the last time it started doing that. I was so embarrassed. And ashamed, and just plain mad at myself for not making a better quilt.

So he gave it to me to repair. I've been so embarrassed about it that I haven't pulled it out since he gave it to me.

And then I realized I couldn't hide from my mistakes forever. Someday I'd have to face them.

So today I pulled it out. And it was bad. I mean really bad. So I spent the afternoon re-doing, sewing down, crying, hollering at myself, and finally coming to the end and knowing it wasn't going to be undone again.

His birthday is tomorrow. I finished just in time to re-gift the fixed quilt. I know it's been well loved and used since I gave it to him. The fabric is softer, the seams show wear (and not the popped ones) the overall quilt kind of smells like him. So I know that once I give it back to him, he's going to continue to love and appreciate this quilt for years to come.

You know what? There might be more seams that pop later, but I think I'll be okay with that. Because I've realized that nothing is perfect, not even quilts full of love. And that's okay with me now. I've come to the realization that we just have to correct our mistakes and move on, and get over them. And it's even better because true friendship will forgive you for the oversights, and popped seams, and lovingly take you back with open arms...

This was just a hands on lesson of that this week.

Thanks for reading while I get all sentimental about quilts...mistakes, re-gifting, and birthdays!

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folkhaven said...

I had this happen with a quilt I made for my father. Soon after I gave it to him a number of seams had opened up in the wash. Embarrassing! I also spent a long time repairing it to give it back to him once again. He never mentioned it needing repairs again, I hope that is because it really didn't!