Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Patterns Patterns Everywhere!

So I was doing some re-vamping of the blog. Nothing major, but it was feeling a little bloated and un-accessable lately. I got rid of a few pages, and renamed some things, basically spring (okay winter) cleaning.

The biggest change is that I put up a link on the homepage to buy my patterns from. Did you know I had patterns for sale? Probably not! Well since I've got so many new readers lately (waves hi!) I'll show you what we've got!

First up is the pattern to make this lovely bag! It's called the "kitchen sink" beach bag for a reason, because it will carry the kitchen sink! (And the plumber to go with it!)
The pattern will walk you through step-by-step how to create your own bag.
(plumber sold separately)

The next pattern I've got for you is for this darling mini quilt. (with mini pillow)

This little quilt is perfect for the car, plane or anywhere else it's too cumbersome to take a huge quilt. And it comes with a pillow! And it's stylish! AND you can make it yourself!
(there's a lot of "ands" in that sentence...)

All patterns come in PDF format and can be emailed to you, so there is no wait to get started on your creations. Each pattern is fully illustrated with pictures of the process and helpful links in case I'm speaking Greek and didn't know it.

Each pattern is $5! How can you beat that???

Go ahead and take the plunge...I'm excited to send these out to you guys!

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