Saturday, May 21, 2011

All Finished!

My sister's wedding got pushed up to yesterday! So I sat down and sewed like a banshee on Thursday and then yesterday (friday) went to go finish it. There's a lady who's in my parent's church who is just the most awesome person ever, and she offered to let me use her quilt frame to get it done. My quilt frame has a quilt on it, so I took her up on the offer.

Went over and she showed me how to bind before you tie, (converted!!!) and then we hidden stitch tied this quilt. I'm calling it the Miracle Quilt because it had several miracles happen to get it done in time. I think it turned out just beautiful! *proud*

All done and draped over the new bed that it will sit on (once the newleyweds get moved in!) Wish I could have gotten a better picture of it finished...

Here it is, sitting next to the gift table at the reception

And the case you were wondering who gets to own the quilt! Little sister and her new husband.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Round & Round We Go!

Well folks, here's the update on the wedding quilt. I'm two rounds away from being done with the blocks. So excited to get it done and on the design wall. That's when it really starts to come together in my brain and look awesome. Here's a visual on the progress that was made this evening!

Discovered hubby standing with camera, decided to ham it up!

The blocks on the machine being chain pieced. I love this because it goes so fast!

Here they are after having being pieced this round. Now to clip them apart and send them over to the ironing board.

All nice, just waiting for the iron to straighten that edge!

And ding, ding, ding! They're all done, and ready for the next two rounds!

Stay tuned for the next couple rounds, and then we're off to making rows! WHEEEE!!

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Hoooo Are You?

Night Owl Crafting is a fun blog that I follow and this week she posted some questions to get to know each other. I thought it was FUN so I decided to jump on in! So here we go!

1. What type of diamond cut do you like?
Well....the one on my finger kind of makes me smile and it's pretty square so that would be great.

2. If you are married when is your anniversary. if not what month would you like to be married in?
I am married to a wonderful man who makes me smile every single day no matter how crappy that day is going. Our anniversary is January 6th, 2007

3. What were or would you like your wedding colors to be?
They were purple, silver and white.

4. How many bridesmaids did or would you have at your wedding?
I just had two, my wonderful sisters! (we do strange things...)

5. How long have you been married?
Four and a half wonderful, stressful, hair raising, fun years!

Make sure to hop on over to her blog and check it out. This is a fun party!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Money Jar Makeover

The hubster and I are coming up on five years in January. It's a milestone so we decided we'd like to celebrate in style this year. How do you do that? You save some moolah when you're flat broke. Therefore we decided to make a goal of saving a chunk each paycheck and stashing it somewhere. Well why not add some quilty to our money stash?


Hence how my Money Jar Makeover was born. Twas very easy. Took a washed out salsa jar (still smells like salsa!) and put a quilty top on it, and tied it with a scrappy from a leftover quilt. I then added some (childlike) graphic art to a label, and there ya go! A Quilted Money Jar Makeover!

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DIY Quilted Sack Holder

So I figured I'd post a quick note about this little invention that I have sitting around my house. They're super cute, super fast to make, and super convienent! If you're a tad OCD like I am, you keep all your grocery sacks. They come in so handy, bagging things to take to the thrift store, garbage can liners, and the list goes on an on. However I never had a place to store them so they were just kind of floating around my house. So I whipped up this little devil! It can be hung up, down, out of sight, or as a ceiling decoration! :-)

You load your un-used bags in the top, and then pull them out through the elastic casing at the bottom one-by-one. Cute and easy!

Here's a quick tutorial. Since I really suck at posting tutorials, (and I don't have pictures to go along) this will have to do for now. However, if you have any questions or want detailed instructions, please just let me know.

1. Cut out 3.5'' squares out of two coordinating fabrics. The amount of squares you cut depends on how large you want your holder to be.

2. Sew them together into rows, alternating squares until you have a flat piece of fabric.

3. With right sides together of the piece you just created, sew the thing together to form a tube. Turn right side out.

4. Attach a piece of elastic at the bottom to serve as the "exit" for the bags.

5. Fold down 1/2'' at the top and make a casing for your ribbon/thread to be put into. Thread this casing through with whatever you have decided to use as your hanger.

6. Hang up and load with your bags in the top!

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where's Your Blog Spot?

The Blog Guidebook has issued us a challenge. "Where is your blogspot." Basically asking us to post some more behind the scenes type pictures of where we sit to do our blog. I thought this was a fabulous idea, so I decided to jump on board.

I started doing this blog a little over a month ago, but I've been a blogger for most of my life. It came in particularly handy while living across the country from my family. It was a good way for them to see what was going on in my life, without a daily phone call. This blog I started for the purpose of posting about my quilting passion. I want to get other inspired to do something quilty!

So here I go...this is my blogspot!

I have two distinct places that I hang out in my house on a daily basis. One is my sewing area. This is where the quilts come together, or I end up crying over them... We recently moved in the last couple of months and as a result of that, I still have not set up my quilting area the way I would like it to be. I have been too busy unpacking and then I got the call for my sister's wedding and got started on her quilt. So this is the stripped down "raw" area if you will.

Most days, this is the view I have. When sitting in my quilting area, I have a good view out the kitchen window, of the TV, and the dirty dishes! My quilting area is the back half of my living room. (You work with what you have!)

My second area is where I sit to do my blogging. This is my fabulous office. It's not much yet because of the move, but I love it. I am coming from having my quilting and blogging in a living room and now I have two seperate spaces. It's fantastic! This room is bright and I can hear the birds out the open window!

This is the desk where the blog comes to life. I've got my Scentsy going most days...and a cup of Sobe Lifewater to keep my hydrated while the blogging is happening.

While it's not much, I call it mine. I love it, and I want to thank you all for reading and following me! See you in the bloggersphere!

Hope to see your link at The Blog Guidebook along with mine!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Quilt in Progress

So we had an issue with Comcast shutting down our tv and internet for 24 hours. So what do you do while you have no contact with the outside world? You sew of course! So I finished cutting out the fabric for the wedding quilt and then dug in and got started. I am very surprised how far I got.

The pattern again...

I loved these fabrics when I saw them in the store, and then the more I work with them the more I am falling in love.

Got it all cut out and saw it and went "oooh, pretty!"

After the first round of sewing...I love the log cabin pattern, because it's so fast and you can do ANYTHING with it!

And I love it because it's so easy to chain piece...

This is after the second round...I didn't take pictures of all rounds in chain peicing, but know that's what I"m doing on all. I ♥ chain piecing!

And this is where I stopped last night after six hours of sewing...whew! Fast little bugger to assemble!

Stay tuned for more updates! This one is really fun!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding present

My little sister called me today and told me that she and her boyfriend have set a wedding date. The ring and proposal are forthcoming, but they've made it official! :-) Happy for her I am!

Now down to the business of making her wedding present. She knows she's getting a quilt, so here's what I worked up. We had a conversation a few weeks ago about color schemes, and hopefully she likes what I worked up.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Look, Old Friends

So I had my friend Happy Potamus Designs create me a new logo. Was trying to re-vamp my business logo and was striking out in the idea department. Enter super woman/friend/mom! She swooped in and designed the logo, my button, pretty much everything for me and made me look better!

I do quilts, but designing things like this is beyond me. So thank you so much to my friend Linsday!