Monday, December 26, 2011

Some Christmas Eve pictures

So here are some pictures of my family doing the Christmas Eve gathering. This year was awesome because it was the first in five years that the whole family has been together for Christmas...including two sons in law! (for the hubby and sister's hubby) It was a pretty awesome night.

Also today I got a quilt off the frame that has (no joke!) been up for Eight months...I'm feeling proud...Now to finish it!

So without further ado, the pictures.

She was really excited about her soup...?

Scowling at me for taking pictures while reading the Christmas story from the Bible! (I'm evil!)

Mah Bro...

Oh! So sexy! Wearing the dog santa hat!

Mah bro and sis! I LOVE this picture, it's them to a "T"
Dad playing with the'd have to know him to know how big a deal this
Mah sexy sister modeling the scarf she got.
(This was made by my grandmother for my mom at my mom's request, and sister got it for Christmas)
Sister and Alien Sprout niece or nephew.
Sister and bro-in-law playing Vampire..I think...
Life is just not the same without your sisters...
(we're all so LOVELY in this pic!)

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