Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fresh & New

Today I lost three followers on my blog. This makes me sad. I expected many many more to leave during my hiatus, but it still makes me sad to see them go. :-( However I hope to gain back my readers this coming year with the new attention I am going to be putting into the blog. Some exciting things are formulating and I just hope that everyone gets a kick out of them like I will!

Today I took down the Christmas decorations. I uncluttered my living room, *not to mention the rest of the house* I'm actually feeling really good about this. It is kind of symbolic. It's like we're starting fresh for the New Year. Things are clean and fresh and it's up to me to keep them that way.

My anniversary is one week from tomorrow. It will be five years since I married my best friend. I can hardly believe that. And so with all this random information I show you some pictures of my de-cluttered living room/work space. (It is NEVER this clean, so I felt I had to document it!)

And also a sneak peak at my next project. It involves these two fabrics! I think they are so much fun, so here's hoping the project turns out the way I planned.

(and not with me crying and throwing the whole thing in the trash...)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

PS. Next week will mark the return of the Weekend Wow Me Party, so hope to see you then!


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Christie, Describe Happy said...

You know, like friends, followers come and go. I am excited to see what you have up your sleeve for the new year and yes, your space looks amazing!! Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!!

cindy said...

I think I am a follower . . . I certainly follow you on Bloglovin and you were in the top ten blogs I found in 2011.