Friday, December 2, 2011

Crazy Busy Holiday! *Lotsa pictures!*

Wow has it been as crazy for you guys as it has been over here? I mean really truly crazy! This time of year is my absolute favorite in the entire year, however that doesn't make it any less tiring or crazy! (How many times am I going to use the word crazy in this post? Let's count!)

So I haven't updated anything crafty this last little while, but I will update you on the goings on with some picutres of our fantastical crazy Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating extravaganza!

Grab some eggnog and enjoy!

No Joke...turkeys in our backyard Thanksgiving morning...
Not kidding
They smelled the fate of their brothers and came to help!
I forgot to take a picture before everyone started consuming the fare, but this is part of what we had on T-day...mmm I want some more
Sister and bro in law...can you see the beginning of her baby bump? Or maybe we'll call that her turkey bump?
Brother eating his pie...he takes pie very seriously...
And a lovely shot of yours truly...this is so flattering...*sigh* (Is wondering why I posted this to begin with...)

So then we all got to spend one whole day of rest from thanksgiving before going back to work...and then the sick invaded. I spent four days in bed wishing I could die...and had to call out of work three days in a was lovely (still getting over the last of it...) After that we lysoled the house and moved on to Christmas decorating! My favorite kind!
Now I know it looks a little white trash, but that's just how I roll. I've had these villages since before I got married, and never had a place to set them up...until this year. So I broke them out in all their glory this year. Then yesterday my Mom gave met he sleigh...which we forgot that I owned in her shed until she busted out her own Christmas stuff and there it was. So now I have the village and the carriage driver...
I love how the carriage is as tall as the makes me laugh...a lot
And the rest of my measly little bit of decorations. When I lived in our shoebox formerly referred to as an apartment, all these decorations filled it up and was I"m in a normal person size house and barely have any...but I'll just go with it. Ignore the dusty TV and the scattered crap everywhere...this is as real as it gets, and I'm not into editing the pics today to make them look this is how I roll!

So there you have it. An official update. In between all this I've been able to sew one more little blanket for sister's new baby. She is due in July so I have some time, right?

How is your holiday season treating you? I'd love to hear from you! :-)

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this post is just love the decorations and the turkeys