Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guest Poster::: Chrissy @ For Mama's!

Today I am so excited to have guest blogging with me Chrisssy, from For Mamas! She has a super cute blog with fantastic ideas, and today she will share a fantastic recipe with us! So take it away Chrissy!
Hi all! I'm Chrissy, the Mama in charge over @ For Mamas.

I'm a mama of 2 & wifey, with 2 jobs. Yup...and I love every moment of it! (:

I'm super excited to be here with you today!

I want to share my favorite dinner my mom made growing up.

We called it "Chrissy's Favorite Chicken." Well, I called it "my favorite chicken."

I finally learned how to make it not too long ago, and I can't stop! haha So, I hope you all enjoy it too!

You will need:

3-5 chicken breasts {depending on how many mouths. For me, the Hubbs, & Brady, I do 2-3 pieces}

Vegetable Oil
Brown sugar
Pineapple chunks
season salt
baking powder
carrots {optional}
water chestnuts {optional}
white rice

OK, Let's get started!

**I have to tell you, I never go by these amounts. I make it all by taste. I add what it calls for, and then some. So, taste as you cook, and if it's missing something, don't be afraid to add more of something.

P.S. I learned how to make this recipe by watching my mother.

So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

I've had this sign forever. Since before I could cook. It's still true, even though I'm a much better cook now (:

Sauce Ingredients:

1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tbs cornstarch
8 oz can pineapple chunks {I use 2}
2 tbs ketchup
Thin carrot slices {1 carrot}
Water Chestnuts {1 small can, drained}
  • Drain the pineapple juice into a measuring cup, and add water until it makes 1 cup
  • Pour the mixture into a pan, along with the brown sugar, pineapple chunks, ketchup, carrots, & water chestnuts.
  • Heat on medium for a few minutes.
  • Turn down to med-low heat, & add the cornstarch. Stir quickly.
  • Keep heat at med-low & stir occasionally.
  • In a pan, pour the vegetable oil in, covering the bottom, and then some. {Keep this close, you will need to add more after a few batches}
Batter ingredients:

1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup cornstarch
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp season salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup water {or until batter is a thin paste}
  • In a mixing bowl, add all batter ingredients together. {adding more flour or water to get the right texture is fine}
  • Mix until batter is a good thin paste {same texture as pancake batter}
  • Cut your chicken breasts into bite size pieces
  • Dip chicken in batter, cover well, & place in pan. Cook medium heat
  • Put as many pieces as you can, without them touching. {or else they will stick together}
  • Cook until browned, then turn {tongs work the best}
  • Once you have the first batch done, I just put them on a paper towel covered plate and set in microwave, so they don't get cold.

Take a look @ my My Favorite Chicken attire

For some reason, that day, the grease was popping like crazy!

So, I got my handy dandy finger glove!

  • During a break in the middle of all this commotion, cook 2 cups of white rice. And put to the side.
  • Once all the chicken is done cooking, your sauce should be hot & well mixed.
  • Serve Sauce over chicken over rice.
It is a bit time consuming, so just be sure to have a glass {or 2} of wine standing by. It is well worth the effort in the end!


Thanks so much Chrissy for sharing this with us today! That looks so fantastic and delicious it might be going on our menu board this week! Have a recipe/tutorial you want to share with Quilted Euphoria readers? Drop me a line at amber{at}quiltedeuphoria{dot}com!

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