Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guest Poster::: J&M's Eye Candy!!!

I'm off playing with my bestie today! So I lined up some awesomeness to fill in the time I'm gone! Without further ado, J&M's Eye Candy! Take it away girls!

Hello Quilted Euphoria lovelies!
It's Kristine and Britney from J&M's Eye Candy Blog and Shoppe

We are two Stay at Home Momma's.

Sister in Laws by chance, friends by choice.

Lovers of creating and crafting.

"J&M" stands for Jayden and Maggie, our two little ladies. They both inspire us everyday.

We started our blog in May of this year, as a place where we can collectively archive our projects and share it with others like you. We hope that you are taking the time and enjoying crafting, whether it's during nap time, after work, and/or late at night like we do.

We share just about everything on our blog;
from recipes, mom tips, fashion, home decor, and crafty ideas + tutorials.

We also host linky parties! Every Tuesday we host "Help a Momma Out" and every Sunday we host "Strut Your Stuff." We would love to hear about and see your creations, and get to know you better, so please feel free to stop by and say hello!

We are so happy that Amber is having us today! Isn't she just a doll? Today we wanted to share some of our fall decor ideas with you all. This year I made this fun, simple and cheap owl pennant banner that proudly hangs in my dining room. After my post, you will know how to make one too!

I cut out the little owls with my Silhouette.

Then I sewed them together using a piece of scrap fabric.

Then I cut small strips of fabric. Mine measured between 1 X 4 inches and 1 X 3 inches.

I tied the strips of paper between the owls.

Simple, cheap Halloween decor! Yah baby, that is what we are talking about.

Thanks again Amber for having us! Don't forget to link up with us and show off your Halloween decor!
We would also like to offer a 10% off discount in our shoppe to you lovely readers. Use code QUILTEDE10 to ensure you receive your discount. We hope you have a great day!!

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