Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Batik Bag Goodness

I'm a girl. I like purses. I like changing them often. I get tired and bored with the same one frequently...I was also in a major yen for my sewing machine. So guess what? I made a new bag!

I grabbed my tried and true pattern and set to work. I picked out the coolest batik fabric that I have had for almost a year and decided this day it would become magically transformed into a tote bag/purse!

I got super excited seeing these two fabrics laying next to each other. I knew this was going to turn out beautifully!

So I worked for a couple of hours my magic {remember I have magical powers?} and all of a sudden it was transformed into this lovely tote bag!

And the coolest thing about this is that it changes color depending on which side you're looking at. {More proof of my magical abilities!}

{Either magic or the batik fabric at work making it look awesome. You decide...}

My favorite part of the whole bag is the inside. It's got the entire print of the batik in there making it so cheerful and fun!

I am a little anal about my stuff falling out of my purse, so I slapped on a piece of Velcro to make sure everything stays where I put it!

I think I'll stick this up on my Etsy shop and see if there are any takers. {Great Christmas gift!}
If not, well then this is my new purse!

Whaddya think?

PS. I can use my special magical abilities and make a tote like this just for you, in whatever colors you want! Just holler at me! {amber (at) Quilted Euphoria (dot) com}


Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Super cute!! You are so talented!

shopannies said...

love this so super cute and stylish the young ladies I work with would be all over this come see me at

Pam said...

I love batik fabric. It looks fabulous on your tote.

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

How cute is that?!! I love the colors! Thank you so much for linking up!