Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Not much time to post, so will make this short and sweet. Which ironically describes the little project I whipped up tonight. I call it the "PPP".

What is the PPP you ask? Well I'm glad you did. Because it is short for the "personal property pouch". In short this is a little device that will slyly hold all your...ahem...personal things. :-)

(fem products, chapstick, cell phone, keys, business cards, etc etc)

I was tired of having my personal stuff leak out of my purse and flop on the floor. (You've been there...admit it!) And I've seen others making these nifty little things, and thought I needed one. I finally sat down and did it. It took maybe fifteen minutes, and I'm thrilled to finally use this fat quarter. I've had it forever, and I think it reflects the personality of the owner very well! I would have used a zipper, but I was fresh out, so Velcro to the rescue!

The sewing is kinda wonky, but that's okay this one is mine. I think I'll put up a few more on my Etsy store and see how they sell! :-) The PPP, it's here to save you. I promise.

(It's too small to see, but there's a super hero cape attached...)

(true story...)


Nadine said...

Awesome little bag Amber!!You're so creative my friend♥

Elisa said...

Cute and simple. I like it! =)