Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Loyalty & Things to Come

Hello everyone! I first want to say thank you to all of my wonderful followers, I've had some pretty amazing people contact me this week and start following me! I love it when I meet new friends.

As a great big thank you to all my wonderful readers, I want to give a gift. My Etsy shop is packed full of wonderful things to take home and make your own. And if you use the coupon code "blogloyalty" You can get free shipping! This coupon never expires, so please pass it along to everyone who might be interested.

I've also got some amazing projects in the wings. I'm working on several that I will have posted up here in no time. I'm also in cahoots with some wonderful bloggers who are going to help me plan out some awesome events.

This is an exciting time in my little blog's life, and I'm so thrilled you can be a part of it! Stay tuned for awesomeness, and don't forget to hop over to my facebook page and like me there, and then head to my Etsy shop and test out the new coupon code of "blogloyalty".

Happy shopping!

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Joni Nickrent said...

Lots of fun stuff here! Popping by from the International Blog Hop! Pop Art Minis