Monday, May 16, 2011

Money Jar Makeover

The hubster and I are coming up on five years in January. It's a milestone so we decided we'd like to celebrate in style this year. How do you do that? You save some moolah when you're flat broke. Therefore we decided to make a goal of saving a chunk each paycheck and stashing it somewhere. Well why not add some quilty to our money stash?


Hence how my Money Jar Makeover was born. Twas very easy. Took a washed out salsa jar (still smells like salsa!) and put a quilty top on it, and tied it with a scrappy from a leftover quilt. I then added some (childlike) graphic art to a label, and there ya go! A Quilted Money Jar Makeover!

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Ashley said...

love the money jar!! thanks for sharing:)

Amber @ Quilted Euphoria said...

You're very welcome! thanks for stopping by

Michelle said...

Cute!! I am visiting from Reasons to Skip the Housework and I am a new follower!!
Have a great day!

Amber @ Quilted Euphoria said...

Awesome Michelle, thanks for stopping in and following me! I'll head to your blog and check it out!