Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY Quilted Sack Holder

So I figured I'd post a quick note about this little invention that I have sitting around my house. They're super cute, super fast to make, and super convienent! If you're a tad OCD like I am, you keep all your grocery sacks. They come in so handy, bagging things to take to the thrift store, garbage can liners, and the list goes on an on. However I never had a place to store them so they were just kind of floating around my house. So I whipped up this little devil! It can be hung up, down, out of sight, or as a ceiling decoration! :-)

You load your un-used bags in the top, and then pull them out through the elastic casing at the bottom one-by-one. Cute and easy!

Here's a quick tutorial. Since I really suck at posting tutorials, (and I don't have pictures to go along) this will have to do for now. However, if you have any questions or want detailed instructions, please just let me know.

1. Cut out 3.5'' squares out of two coordinating fabrics. The amount of squares you cut depends on how large you want your holder to be.

2. Sew them together into rows, alternating squares until you have a flat piece of fabric.

3. With right sides together of the piece you just created, sew the thing together to form a tube. Turn right side out.

4. Attach a piece of elastic at the bottom to serve as the "exit" for the bags.

5. Fold down 1/2'' at the top and make a casing for your ribbon/thread to be put into. Thread this casing through with whatever you have decided to use as your hanger.

6. Hang up and load with your bags in the top!

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Bloggymom said...

I just made those a few weeks ago for Mother's Day gifts. Love the fabric you used.

Lindsay @ Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

I love the one you made me! So handy. Great instructions :)

Amber said...

Thanks guys, this is one of my brighter ideas! LOL

Crafting For Chiari said...

Too funny! just made this too! MY plastic bags were out of control.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Great tutorial. I need to make myself one of these. The one I have has wine bottles printed on it. I don't even like wine :)

Gwenny Penny