Saturday, April 23, 2011

Very first attempt at hand quilting

So I got my newly created quilt top up on the frame today. I love the space I have in my quilting area that allows me to get it up a little smoother than previously. Also I have enough space that I'm capable of leaving a quilting frame up as long as I want/need. Therefore I decided to take the plunge.

I have never hand quilted anything before. And I've struggled to machine quilt it because I just am not that talented. So I've just tied things before with yarn and called it good. However I have wanted to hand quilt things for a very long time (at least attempt to do so) and today I decided to just do it. I put the quilt up, and then took a deep breath and did my first few tentative stitches with hand quilting. After and hour I decided it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and after two hours and no mistakes I decided not only did I think the look wasn't half bad, but the texture of the quilt felt awesome. So I think I'll continue. I've only got 1/3 of one block (out of twelve total) done, but so far so good.

It looks fairly childish compared to some quilting stitches I've seen, but for a beginner, I think it's not half bad. :-) That and I enjoy's relaxing to me...if I could not get a crick in my neck from bending over it! :-)


Lindsay said...

It looks beautiful, Amber!! You are so talented.

Amber Johnson said...

LOL well compared to other quilting I've seen this is horrible. However I will take that compliment from a fellow talented person! :-)