Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updates & Awards

It’s been a busy few days for me, and that’s why I have not been updating as often as I need/should/want to. I have been busy cleaning my house (which I hate!) and doing some laundry (which I love…I know I’m strange!) and being with my husband and family members. (which is more important than blogging…sorry bloggesphere!)

But I have made a few moments to continue doing what I love, which is quilting! I have so many things going quilt wise that sometimes I tend to get overwhelmed and I have to remind myself that I LIKE this and to take it easy! J I started this blog to showcase some of my quilting skills, and update people on the progress of certain projects, and just basically to have some fun in the blog realm with my quilting ideas/projects. I don’t have a lot of followers, but the ones that I do I adore. (Most of which are equally if not more talented than yours truly)

So imagine my surprise when I was notified that I had won a blogging award for my tiny little quilting blog! Totally made my day!

So according to the rules, I must now do the following:

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them (which is really the polite thing to do anyway!)

Lindsay is awesome and I am so thankful to be considered her friend! Go check out her blog, she makes the coolest crafty projects, and shows everyone else how to do it!

Share 7 facts about yourself.----(Yeah…harder than it sounds…)

---I love Disney movies. I’m nearly 30, have no kids, but I love Disney movies. I take them any way shape or form, and I still cry with certain ones!

---I started quilting when I was 19. I made my first quilt out of leftover fabric from a pioneer dress my mother made for my sister…I’ve been hooked ever since.

---I’ve been married for four and a half years and still can’t believe how lucky I am.

---Hi, my name is Amber and I’m addicted to Diet Coke…

---I honestly don’t consider myself very creative or talented. I just do quilting because I love it and it is so satisfying to me to see the end result come together.

---I have absolutely zero patience for anything and everything else in life…except quilting. This concept still baffles my husband...daily…

---I love to cook. I love trying new recipes and making strange yet delicious combinations work together.

Share the award with 6 newly discovered bloggers.

I chose the people from my blogging list that inspire me. Each person listed here has affected me in one way or another (for the positive!) and I want to share this award with people who inspire me! Unfortunately I do not follow that many blogs…(I’m working on that!!!) so there’s only two people on my list that I can share this award with…but it’s not about quantity sometimes, it’s about quality!

Diary of a Fat Chick Running---This blog is run by a wonderful woman whom I’ve gotten to know in my four years of living in the Nashville area. She is a very loving, bright person and has committed herself to weight loss and healthy living. This blog details her activities and motivation to run, lose weight, and better her life. She is awesome…GO LYNNE!

Quiltville's Quips & Snips---Bonnie is one of the most talented quilters I’ve ever seen in my life. She is amazing at making leftover fabric into beautiful new creations. She is also one of the busiest people I know, as she’s always on the run. Go check her out and take a look at her amazing work!

I want to just say a great big thanks to any and all who read/follow my blog. It makes my day to see new followers, and I love getting comments on my from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

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