Monday, April 18, 2011

To quilt or not to quilt?

Spent all day sewing. I had rows to finish making and then it was full steam ahead. I was able to finish all remaining eight blocks and almost completely finish the quilt top.

The only thing I wish is that I had more red to do borders in. The red I have left over is to be used as the backing of the quilt so I really couldn't take much more than I already did. So this is the top almost done. I have to add top and bottom borders.

Then the question, to quilt or tie...I'm leaning towards quilting, but I've never hand quilted before so I'm nervous about that. Also if I chose to quilt, what pattern shall I do? was thinking just "in the ditch" but I have no idea...


Just the sashing...wish I could do more red and even it out.

Nearly done, just need top and bottom borders.

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Lindsay said...

Ohhh I love it!! The color choices are fantastic! You are so talented.