Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Great Quilting Takeover of 2011

Did you know that hiding in your fabric stash is an excellent way to avoid things. Like family drama, housework, grocery shopping....etc? Doing this is awesome, because I dive in and then three hours later come up like a dog with a piece of bacon dangling off it's mouth with the same hungry look in my eyes. When I tire of going through my stash (as if that could happen, it's more of an intervention that is staged that forces me to stop...) I decided that I needed to re-arrange my sewing space. It's been disorganized since the move.

I then get lost in the new quilt I'm actually assembling...will be twin size and ready for my guest bed if I ever get it out of the UFO category...

Then spending my evening playing with a pattern and fabric colors/styles for a new client quilt. Will be 55'' Square when complete. :-)

Got some new fans on my Facebook page The icing on the cake is I get to go fondle fabric tomorrow! :-)

All in all, not a bad day! Link

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