Friday, April 15, 2011

Four Seasons of Quilt

I have a goal to make four quilts for my bed. One for each season. So far I have a winter and fall quilt, but no summer or spring. Mostly its $ that have held me back from making them. Still don't have the $ to get materials, but I do have a spring pattern that I just settled on today. I really am aching to make this, as I think it will b e wonderful in my bedroom!


Lindsay said...

Ohhh that will be so pretty!!

Paul & VeeVee said...

I really, really like that!!!

Can you direct me to your Esty site so I can find out how much to make a quilt? I really like the log cabin one.

Amber Johnson said... is my etsy link. However if you want a quilt I don't have even a quarter of the stuff posted there yet. What size would you like? We can work something out Vee! :-) I'd love to make you something!