Friday, April 1, 2011

Euphoria = Quilting!

Welcome to my very brand new quilting blog! The main purpose of this is to post projects from here going forward. If I were to post all of my past projects, I wouldn't have time to actually go do the thing I love, which is quilting!

What you can look forward to on this is a place for me to showcase my work, catalog it's process (when I feel the need) record my patterns and ideas for upcoming projects and generally keep track of my scattered thoughts in this genre.

I will start this off on the right foot and post the pattern and progress of my latest project! My inspiration for this came back when I was living in Nashville. I had some leftover blues from a previous project that I wanted to incorporate into a quilt. Then when I moved to Utah the carpet in my home has these tones in it and I knew it was meant to be. This will be a twin sized quilt to go on the guest bed in our office/guest bedroom.

I am using the squash blossom block pattern from for this quilt. Three blocks by four with vertical sashing in between the rows.

This is the progress of the top of the block. The block unfinished is 18'' square, and this is the top half.

Stay tuned...

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